「Activates the Skincare Era」

If your skin has gone into the deep-sleep state, the skin conditions will stay stagnant regardless of how much you keep changing your skincare products. The skin will be unable to absorb completely no matter how much skincare product you apply. DD is capable of solving the skincare bottleneck for you!

Exclusive Skin Nourishing Formula for Imperial Skincare

【The age of 20 is the golden phase for female skin, start the “Imperial Skincare” now, which will allow you to have 20-year old young skin even when you are at the age of 30.】

Key to Imperial Skincare

Preventive Skincare


Moisturizing Makeup Remover, Moisturizing Facial Cleanser

BifidmTM Exclusive Preventive Skincare

Conducts in-depth purifying cleansing of air-pollution particles, residual makeup and aged cutin accumulated on the skin surface over a long period of time, opening the skincare channel through BifidmTM, allowing this skin-revitalizing factor to penetrate straight to the base layer, optimizing aged skin, awakening skin in deep-sleep, injecting the skin-revitalizing source and the refreshing young skin factor, thereby becoming the key to revitalize skin metabolism/restore vitality.

Nourishing Skincare


Brightening & Moisturizing Serum

BifidmTM Exclusive Nourishing Skincare

Supplies a large amount of nutritious elements, balances the early-stage development of newborn skin, stabilizes restless condition and relieves signs of darkness and dehydration, accelerates/multiplies conditioning nourishment, as well as tightly stores healthy skin-revitalizing factors, preventing skin from early aging and fine lines to demonstrate natural radiance for the skin.

Defensive Skincare


Whitening Lotion, Whitening Cream

BifidmTM Perfect Defensive Skincare

Looks out for the skin in all aspects, activating comprehensive skin protection system: reinforcing the skin barrier, resisting influences from negative factors, protecting from within, allowing the skin to form a natural protective membrane, locking the young skin factor tightly to allow skin maintain itself in the most beautiful moment.

Works together with sufficient sleep, activating the skin’s light sleep phase at night when the body is at rest, targeting the deep layer of the skin for uninterrupted revitalizing repair, offering full energy every day at the moment of awakening.

*Use together with the Preventive Skincare step after getting up, so as to awake the full energy stocked by skin at night for immediate skin awakening.