Q1: How do I make an order? How many methods are available?

We currently provide two ordering methods, “order online” and “order by phone”.
1. Order online: Become a member on the official site to browse the products and make your order 24/7.
2. Order by phone: Call our customer service at +886-4-2328-2901 for customization.
The phone is online at 09:00~12:00 & 13:00~17:00, Monday to Friday

Q2: What if I forget my account?

To maintain the confidentiality of your personal data, our customer service cannot access your account, please apply for a new account.

Q3: What if I forget my password?

1. Tap on “Log in/Register” at the upper right corner of our portal
2. Tap on “I forgot my password” and insert the e-mail address you used to register
※ Reminder: The system will automatically send a password reset mail to the default corresponding E-mail, make sure you reset your password via the link given in the mail.

Q4: What payment methods are available?

Payment Method

Delivery Method

Notes regarding Payment


Credit card

Home delivery/FamilyMart/7-11

When an order is made, the system leads the member to the credit card payment system. Fill in and submit the information to complete the purchase

(foreign customers can only pay with a credit card)
※ Mail or call us for refunding or repeated charging, our customer service will attend to your request as soon as possible

Virtual account ATM transfer

 Home delivery/FamilyMart/7-11

When an order is made, a virtual account is provided for transfer via webATM or ATM machine. The system will automatically verify the payment.


 Home delivery/FamilyMart/7-11

When an order is made, the system leads to the webATM page in which the customer should insert his/her debit card into the card reader to complete the payment online


Q5: Why does the order status still show payment pending even after I've made the payment?

As the work hours of the banks are 09:00 to 15:30, Monday to Friday excluding holidays, and the payment system can sometimes be pretty busy, payment verification is always done at 12:00 every day, this means the payment is verified on the day next to the day of payment. You can log in, access the Member Zone and select “Order Inquiry” to verify the order processing progress. If the “payment pending” status stays for more than 8 hours, contact customer service for help and do not cancel your order without advice.

Q6: Why is my order canceled on the next day even after I've made the payment?

Make sure you check “Order Inquiry” in the Member Zone to confirm the payment as shown by the change of order status to “In Progress”. This ensures that your order will be properly processed. Prolonged “payment pending” status may be associated with a busy payment system, delayed transaction information transfer, or other factors leading to payment failure such as insufficient credit, selecting an installment plan from unsupported banks, failure in verifying the due date of a credit card, or system overloading. The system automatically cancels your order when the payment is not received in 24 hours.

Q7: How do I cancel my order?

For orders still “Pending Payment”, visit “Order Inquiry” to request and confirm an order cancellation.
Shipped orders cannot be canceled, you’ll have to return the products for a refund.

Q8: What is the delivery fee? What is the case for outlying islands or other nations?

Free Shipping in Taiwan for Orders of NTD 1,000 or more
Make a single purchase of NTD 1,000 or more for free shipping, a shipping fee of NTD 90 is applied for purchases less than NTD 1,000

Outlying Islands
A shipping fee of NTD 120 is applied for outlying islands (Kinmen, Penghu, Matsu, Green Island, Orchid Island and other affiliated islands) for any purchase

Delivery Fee for Foreign Customers
Double Doctor also provides service to foreign customers to satisfy their body care needs and to offer the best shopping experience.

Visit our cyber mall to make your order, select your country, confirm your order and delivery fee, provide the delivery information, and select to pay with a credit card in the payment system to complete your order.

Free shipping for a single order of more than NTD 6,000 (with a volume not exceeding those of a Double Doctor carton or weight not exceeding 2 kg)

Note: Free shipping only applies to the orders with a weight not exceeding 2 kg or volume not exceeding those of a Double Doctor carton, additional shipping fee may apply if the weight exceeds the free delivery capacity.

The delivery fee of the currently available destinations is listed below. For other countries, mail us for more details:

Hong Kong: NTD 250
Macau: NTD 250
China: NTD 350
Malaysia: NTD 560
Thailand: NTD 560
Singapore: NTD 560

Foreign customers must provide their true name, any additional tax is the responsibility of customers.

Q9: When will my goods arrive?

If there is no supply shortage, the order will be shipped in 1~2 days, weekends and holidays excluded. The shipment will arrive in 3~4 days.

You will receive a reminder message when the shipment has arrived at the convenience store you requested to pick up, and make sure you pick up the shipment within 7 days.

※ In case of incomplete receiver information, the receiver being unable to pick up, natural disasters such as typhoon or earthquake, public construction, or system maintenance, warehouse adjustment or stock take, the shipment may be delayed without prior notice

Q10: What if I cannot receive what I ordered because I'm on an urgent trip?

In case the customer cannot pick up the shipment and it is eventually returned due to personal factors such as travel or prolonged inability to pick up the shipment, the delivery fee will not be returned upon refunding, and a returning delivery fee will also be deducted.

Q1: Is there a time limit for refunds?

To ensure service quality, Double Doctor provides a 10-day guarantee. Should any skin sensitivity or discomfort occur within 10 days after receiving the product, please send us feedback for a comprehensive body care assessment, and feel assured of Double Doctor’s skin benefits.

Q2: How to refund?
  1. In case you find the contents delivered differing from your order, showing damages or defects, or causing any discomfort when applied during the 10-day guarantee period starting upon successful order delivery, visit the Transaction Record of the Member Zone for a refund. After completing and submitting your information, our customer service staff will contact you within 24 hours (excluding weekends, holidays or days of typhoon influence). Product returns without prior contact with our customer service will not be processed.
  2. Refunding applies to the whole order, partial refunding is not accepted.
  3. Due to hygienic concerns, unpackaged body care and cosmetics products cannot be refunded.
  4. Return all products of the order (including trial products, gifts, invoice and other attachments) with the original delivery package when the refund is approved. Refunds are not accepted for any missing product in the returned package or beyond the 10-day guarantee period.
  5. Return to: 4F-5, No. 20, Dalong Rd., West Dist. Taichung City 403
  6. We have the right to refuse the orders from customers overusing or abusing the guarantee period for refunds or replacements.
Q3: Why haven't I received a refund for so long?

Upon receiving the returned products, the refund will be made to the account you provided within 7~15 working days and a mail notice will be sent when the refund successfully done. Make sure you keep an eye on your mail.
If the refund is not done in 15 days, contact the customer service as soon as possible

For credit card payments:
The refund will be directly made to the account bound with the credit card. We will initiate the refunding process upon receiving the returned products. Consider that the speed of processing varies with each bank, the refund may or may not be shown in the bill of the month made the payment, and will be listed in the bill of the next month if not listed in the current month.

Q1: Is an e-invoice provided?

Double Doctor currently provides a paper invoice with the shipment. In case of a refund, the customer is to return the products in undamaged form and the invoice to complete the request. Refer to “Frequently Asked Questions regarding Refunding” for more details

Q2: What if the value of the invoice does not match those of my order, or the invoice is missing?

Contact us via the “Contact Us” portal, online customer service, or customer service line (+886-800-888-993), our staff will manage the issue.

Q1: What is the difference between general membership and VIP membership? How can I upgrade?

Description: Figure of Membership Benefits

  1. New member gift: Your receive the new member gift (once only) for the first order made after becoming a member regardless of the value of the order.
  2. Free shipping for a single purchase of NTD 1,000 or more (Taiwan only)
  3. 10% birthday discount: Orders made during your birth month have a 10% discount applied, and 100 bonus points are granted to the member. Note that the points cannot be used with other bonuses.
  4. VIP Diamond gift: VIP Diamond gifts are only available once, and are automatically sent within 30 days.
  5. VIP offer: The mall provides occasional VIP offers which are not available to general members.

Exclusive new product sample for VIPs: VIPs are eligible for trying new products right before the official launch for free, and have a chance to attend the new product presentation or beauty seminar

Q2: How to use coupons?
  1. Only one coupon can be used in an order
  2. The value, as well as effective date and due date of each coupon varies. Please refer to the announcement or event rules for details.
  3. Note that coupons used in canceled or refunded orders will be returned to the customer’s account but the effective date and due date do not change.
  4. Double Doctor mall reserves the right to change, revise, or terminate membership grading, benefits and/or terms. All information regarding changes to events and/or terms will be announced on our portal. Continuing to use this service suggests that you have understood and agreed to such changes or revisions.


Q3: What is a cash point? How can it be used?

Each cash point is worth NTD 1, it is granted to users at certain events.
Each cash point can be used to reduce the amount to be paid by NTD 1, such as an NTD 200 reduction with 200 cash points, and so on. The amount of cash points used cannot exceed half of the value of the order.
The customer may insert the amount of cash points to be used in the purchase in the payment system.
For orders made by phone calls, inform the customer service for the amount of cash points to be used.

Note the cash points gained form the purchase cannot be used in the same purchase.

Special Notes
※ Cash points are to be used by the owner him-/herself in the online mall, phone or facsimile order. They cannot be transferred to other users or accounts, or be redeemed into cash.

※ Cash points cannot be used with other promotions such as discounts with a purchase of a certain amount or other voucher

※ Double Doctor reserves the right to change or terminate the use of cash points, and such decisions will be announced online.No further notice will be made.