Brand Recommended by Both Medical Field X Academic Field 【Double Doctor】

The brand spirit of D.D. is pursuing the life philosophy of “reason”. We hope to create a sense of belonging and the feeling of coziness exclusive to females, building a moment in which comfort and satisfaction can be experienced. Through private and comprehensive experience, allow one’s body and mind to maintain positive without being influenced by the changes of the seasons, the environment and emotion. We hope to convey a preference towards the art of life, aesthetics, self-maintenance and style.

For this, we have invited experts from different domains – scholars from international cosmetics domain, doctors from dermatological domain, psychological research experts and visual designers, so as to develop the brand experience journey suitable for females through studying, understanding and empathy of females’ physiological and psychological changes.

We have devoted all of our spirit and expense towards products and services, as we know that you care more about what is contained inside the bottles; therefore, we hope to make products speak for themselves, while also hoping that D.D. will be able to offer you with brand new support and strength through comprehensive brand experience on the journey to the pursuance of wonderful life.

Technological Implementation

Effective ingredients selected by the laboratory, together with hi-tech transmission technology to enhance skin’s absorption and function, thereby rapidly and effectively improving skin issues.

Natural plant extracts: Uses dozens of plant raw materials, where part of these are organically cultivated, and the rare plant essence is extracted from many kilograms of raw materials via a safe and precise approach, offering healthy energy for your skin.

Mild and Safe

Chemical ingredients harmful to the skin are not added in the formula, allowing those with sensitive skin to use concern-free as well.
The skincare products most suitable for Asian skin are developed through “effective formulas”, “scientific data” and “actual examples”.

Bifidm™ Molecular Technology Accurate Repairing Technology

Amongst billions of bacteria, the repairing technology “Bifidm™” exclusively developed by Dr. Tsung-Min Chang is the skin-revitalizing factor enriched in polysaccharides, where through the reinforcement of skin’s barrier, skin may be protected from external pollution and irritation, enhancing skin’s defensive ability while maintaining skin’s natural balance. Bifidm™ not only allows skin to appear healthier and younger, but is capable of improving skin conditions of sensitive and fragile skin types. Bifidm™ provides the key skincare required by skin, revitalizes skin and stimulates metabolism, supplies nutrients to skin, reinforces the defensive function, and repairs signs of aging to offer skin a natural radiance.